Natural vs. Supermarket Foods

Cattle grazing on natural pasture

How does our natural, grass-fed products compare to typical supermarket products?

Greenwood Springs Ranch Conventional Supermarket
Contains higher levels of vitamin A, C, E and B complex, beta-carotene. Higher in the minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Rich in Zinc and Iron. Lower nutritional value.
High in Omega 3's and CLA due to grass diet. Low in Omega 3's and CLA due to grain diet.
Contains less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories. Contains high levels of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories.
Animals have freedom to mature naturally. Animals kept in high-density feedlots for long periods.
Emphasis on slow, natural weight gain. Use hormone implants to increase weight-gain.
No antibiotics are given because animals are raised with the health of the consumer in mind. Preventative antibiotics are given to maintain health of animal.
Ecologically sustainable ranch with large portion dedicated to natural grassland. Negative environmental impact: concentrated waste leads to contamination of ground and surface water, soil overloading.
Family scale farm. Factory scale farm.
Local to central Saskatchewan. Governed by regulatory and environmental standards. Low food miles. May be imported. Lacks regulation and environmentally destructive production models. High food miles.
GMO-free, chemical-free feed. Fed on genetically modified grains and grains produced using pesticides and herbicides.
Local family farm is a safer food source that conserves local supply. Global agribusinesses creates structural dependencies and lacks food security.
Support local economy: keep food-dollars in the hands of local farmers and community. Takes money out of community and lowers overall standard of living.
Transparent food system-consumer knows where and how their food is produced. Black box food system- consumer not educated on how and where the food is produced.

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A healthy, local alternative to factory-scale feedlot operations.

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